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A La Carte

Our A La Carte collection simplifies and streamlines the ordering process for weddings and events of all kinds. Our curated collection offers all of the essentials, and a variety of palettes designed to be both classic and trend forward. The process is as simple as selecting your pieces, choosing a color palette, and organizing friends, family, or a planner to help with set up on the day of the event.

This simplified system allows us to spend more of your budget on flowers, and eliminates labor costs associated with set up and installation -- and as far as we're concerned, more flowers is always better! And while we offer this collection in set palettes, the specific blooms we choose and order for you will always be unique, and the finished product will always reflect our signature style.

Full Service

Full service floral design is best for larger events or events needing unique pieces, installations, or specialty vases or candles. Any event with specific requests that require a fully custom proposal and design would fall into this category. The investment for full service events typically starts around $8000 but can vary widely based on needs, special requests, guest counts, and the scope of on site installations.

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