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Croton Petra

Croton Petra

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Some of the most colorful plants around, their leaves come in yellows, reds, oranges, and electric green. One plant can produce a rainbow of colors and the more light it receives, the more colorful it gets! These are tropical plants, but grow well indoors, just be sure to give it enough sun and water. Tip- Croton's do not like to be moved. They may drop some leaves as they adjust to their new home.


Aprox 5-6" pot and stands about 16-18" high.




Full, direct sunlight is best, but they can tolerate medium to high indirect light. For more colorful leaves, direct sun is best.




Our pots are a white, hard, high quality plastic with a matte finish. They are beautiful and lightweight, allowing for either countertop or hanging placement. They have a hole on the bottom & come with a matching saucer for drainage.

Plants & Pots may vary slightly in texture and shape.